A question I often get after revealing to someone that I design footwear is, "How do you come up with ideas?" My simple answer, "By staring into the abyss of creativity that reflects nothing but pain and despair." while staring stone-faced, careful not to break eye contact. But to spare you that awkwardness, a better answer came to me in the following six step explanation that I have no doubt will blow your socks off.


Step 1

It all starts with a brilliant idea and some chicken scratches.


Step 2

After torturing my soul sketching what is unquestionably a masterpiece I refine it further with some COPIC markers and some nice PHAT outlines from some trusted black pens.


Step 3

I'll then take the marker rendering and scan it into my computational device to use it as an underlay in Illustrator. But first I distract myself with a few hours of video roulette on YouTube consisting of nonsense.


Step 4

Then, with the powers of Illustrator bestowed upon us mortals by the mighty Adobe Gods, I tighten the proportions of the marker rendering with a black and white outline, carefully paying attention to the detail of line weight to make the line art pop.


Step 5

After hours sitting hunched over in my chair, agonizing over my latest creative sacrifice to appease the Adobe Gods, I'll splash some colors underneath to help attract the fairer sex and assert my dominance over weaker men.


Step 6

After several hours of swiping back and forth furiously fighting off the demons of creativity in the digital realm, Viola! Rendered perfection. A masterpiece guaranteed to have blown your socks off! Go ahead, check your feet.



As an added bonus here are a few of those aforementioned colors: